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Resilience is a mighty force,

In the face of hardship, it stays the course.

It's the strength to rise again,

After every fall, to defy the pain. Resilience is a flame that burns,

Through the darkest nights, it brightly yearns.

It's the will to persevere,

To face adversity without fear. Resilience is a voice that roars,

Louder than doubts and fears, it soars.

It's the courage to fight and stand,

To keep moving forward, hand in hand. Resilience is a spirit that thrives,In the face of challenges, it strives.

It's the power to overcome,

And emerge stronger, having won. So hold on tight to resilience dear,

For in it lies the strength to conquer fear.

With perseverance and a steadfast heart,

You too can overcome any obstacle, and make a fresh start.

By Shalini Bhatt

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