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We  provide academic consultancy and curated workshops based on the primary school curriculum.

Building Resilience in Children (BRIC)

Welcome to our website dedicated to Building Resilience in Children! We firmly believe that resilience is an essential trait that can empower children to navigate life's challenges with confidence and adaptability. 
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School Children
At BRIC, we are passionate about equipping parents, educators, and caregivers with the knowledge, tools, and strategies needed to foster resilience in children. We understand that every child is unique, and our mission is to provide a comprehensive resource hub where you can explore various aspects of resilience-building, tailored to your child's age, personality, and individual needs.
Through our curated articles, insightful blog posts, and expert interviews, we aim to offer evidence-based insights and practical advice on cultivating resilience in children. Our content covers a wide range of topics, including emotional intelligence, problem-solving skills, positive mindset, stress management, and healthy coping mechanisms.
School Children
Kids Playing Tug of War
Our team of experienced professionals, including child psychologists, educators, and parenting experts, collaborates to ensure that our website remains a trusted source of information for anyone invested in nurturing resilience in children. We strive to empower you with actionable strategies that can be seamlessly integrated into your daily routines, both at home and in educational settings.
Whether you are a parent seeking guidance on raising resilient children, a teacher searching for classroom activities that promote resilience, or a caregiver supporting a child through difficult times, our website is here to support you. We believe that by working together and sharing knowledge, we can create a resilient generation capable of facing life's inevitable challenges head-on.
School Kids
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Join us on this exciting journey of Building Resilience in Children and discover valuable insights and resources that will positively impact the lives of the children in your care. Together, let's help children develop the resilience they need to thrive in an ever-changing world.
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About BRIC

In this project we are working closely with primary schools in Leicester and our partners have extensive experience in working with school children and families. The aim of the project is to examine the best ways to develop resilience skills within children aged 7-11 years, collect first hand data from participants and cocreate a children story book with characters that is reflective of our society.

Resilience is more than bouncing back. Through this project we aim to address the culturally intelligent diverse pathways that we need to survive in a multicultural world. The project aims to teach children to embrace challenges and see them as a growth opportunity. It aims to get children thinking about commitment, control, positive attitude, growth mindset, reviewing actions, learning from mistakes, learning to relax, boost self-confidence and self-esteem.


We work with primary schools, parents and families nationally and internationally to provide greater level of support and guidance in the area of resilience building within children.



We provide group and individual workshops based on the needs of the families and schools. Our workshops aim to focus on the curriculum and employ techniques to embed resilience training through the curriculum.


Research and

We engage with companies and organisations from all industries, and this collaboration may come in the form of a client-funded research project (contract research) or joint efforts to submit funding proposals to external sources (collaborative research).

UK  resources  by  age  group

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Ages 3 to 6

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Ages 7 to 1


Grown - Ups

Global Educational Assets:
Region-Specific Teaching and Learning Resources

International resources play a crucial role in enhancing teaching and learning in primary schools by providing educators with a wide range of materials, tools, and methodologies to support effective instruction. These resources encompass various mediums, such as textbooks, digital platforms, educational websites, and educational software. They often incorporate diverse perspectives, multicultural content, and global perspectives, enabling students to develop a broader understanding of the world around them. Additionally, international resources offer innovative teaching strategies and approaches that promote active learning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. By accessing these resources, primary school teachers can introduce engaging and interactive activities, utilise multimedia materials, and incorporate real-life examples from different cultures and countries. Ultimately, international resources serve as invaluable assets for educators, fostering inclusive and globally oriented learning environments that prepare students for an interconnected and diverse world.

Meet the Team

Our team comprises of psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, music charity, community media and local community interest groups.
In this project our partners are Welltech MedicalLiving MindDecentred MediaSangeet FoundationCelebrate Our SimilaritiesAnd iKure.
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Dr Indrani Lahiri is a Senior Lecturer in Media & Communication at De Montfort University. Founder of BRIC. She holds an Associate Fellowship with the Institute of Commonwealth Studies at the University of London. She is the Fellow of Royal Society of Arts. She is Senior Fellow of HEA and an Academic Consultant in public relations. She is interested in developing interdisciplinary, cross-disciplinary research projects within the university, nationally and internationally.
Dr Shell has been a Principal Investigator (PI) on a number of internal and externally funded (including Horizon2020) projects that involve the application of Computational Intelligence (CI) and gaming applications.The research interests of Dr Shell are focussed around the application of Computational Intelligence, specifically fuzzy logic and transfer learning across and within three main areas: gaming, healthcare and HCI.He is currently a senior lecturer and researcher in Games and Information Systems at De Montfort University.
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Anthony Woodward is a creative technologist and honorary researcher at De Montfort University. Anthony runs his business, Twin Planets, working on projects using XR technology and designing metaverse experiences. Twin Planets operates in three main areas; Creative application of technology, XR design and development, and creative marketing and solutions for SMEs using Web3 and XR technology. Anthony's role within BRIC is software developer, creating the app, web pages and resource management for BRIC.


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